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Hi everyone. The team of The Samachar Express hereby invites you all to be a part of our group. Our portal has three sections where you can give words to your feelings, frustration, hopes, ideas and dreams:

1. Lifestyle- How to lead a successful and cheerful life is the biggest tension that we are facing today. So if you have some of your own ideas, experiences share with the world so that others can discover your high spirits and may be your little writing can change someone’s life, you never know!!!!!!

2. Education- Is the need of the hour. But wait for a second, this section has a place for all the young minds out there, from Taare Zameen Par to the 3 Idiots, everyone has some talent that has changed the world. Recently a student of Std 8th left Raghuram Rajan astonished. Your ideas can fly to the other end of the globe, just give them wings.

3. My Blog- Almost everyone has a blog, but the number of followers? Don’t feel bad guys. The section My Blog comes to your rescue, your masterpiece can reach to a lot of readers. There are many things going on, everyone wants to speak, so why not write and spread the frustration, the hopes for a better society?


Well there are no rules. But for the sake of the readers decency is expected in the writing.

The internet is over-flooded with information via pages, portals, web sites and some of you might be working there too! Journalism is not  limited to some minds any more it’s a door-to-door affair, thanks to Whats app and other apps the journalists are having a tuff fight!

Nevertheless the portal is not bound to any organization or business group. So it provides a platform to learn, explore and experiment. It’s rare to find a news portal open to everyone and anyone and that too with the freedom to write on any topic!!!!!!!!!!!

This opportunity is a boon for the budding journalists. They can groom up there writing skills and they can add up this experience to their CV. In fact anyone writing here can add this experience in their CVs.

Hey you happy faces, there is one more thing, good things come for a price too!!! But that won’t be a problem for you, because you are ‘The future of the nation’. The annual membership fee is Rs.200.

We will look forward to read the creativity of the amazingly talented people.

Age??? Of course no bar.

You can use our Brand Name as your Media Partner List Annual Fees- 5000/- only-

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